Animated 'explainer' video

Explaining different ecommerce user persona behaviours...
Roles: Storyboarding, character art (Illustrator), look and feel, script writing, VO booking, audio editing, character animations and animated transitions (After Effects).

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Water Works - Behind the scenes - Prototyping, user flow and ui

Scenario prototyping:
User flow:
Interface iteration:

Water Works - Behind the scenes - Early demo video

Water Works - Behind the scenes - Tech screenshots

Terrain in Maya:

Terrain in Unity:

Water Works Development Progression

Some screenshots of the development process behind our educational game, Water Works.

We started with a very rough place-holder implementation of a pipe system. With place-holder textures, pipes and buildings to connect to.

We made the camera view isometric, added a sloped terrain map and got the pipes working up and down slopes.

We started replacing place-holder buildings with final 3d models and we added the new thinner, coloured water pipes.

Adding in more 3d art, more varied terrain, and a pump / uphill pressure system implemented.

Stress testing with lots of buildings, flooding and downhill water pressure.

New-look terrain lighting and river pollution added. New town model looking gorgeous and building UI implemented.

Building UI re-built to enable grey-ing out in tutorial levels. Extreme testing and scenario / level construction.

Final GUI decided on and implemented. Characters and dialogue finalised, levels populated with foliage and finishing touches completed.

New website is up and running

Good news everyone! My new portfolio website is now available for all to see! Take a peek HERE.

In addition....

In addition to modelling London Liverpool street (the steelwork and glass is done and in UDK) I've been modelling some low-poly station brickwork, giving the Normal Map converter in photoshop a bit of a run too.
just a quick render WiP.

Finished off the cover (kinda)

I've done all I want to now on the cd cover I was working on.

Oh yeah, Nudybronque

A few months ago, I did a little sketch, scanned it and painted it:

Then, a band called Nudybronque approached me about using it as the EP cover. Naturally I was thrilled and said yes.

They have another CD out soon, so have asked me for another piece of the same 'charater' that the fans have started calling 'Nudy'.

Here is a work in progress:

The rear is (hopefully) going to be the view from inside the fridge looking out at the Nudy.

Yell advertising campaign

I'm now part of the national advertising campaign in work for So far I've been in The Times, The Sun, The Guardian, 'i' magazine, The Telegraph ... and undoubtable a few I've missed out. It's running for about 2 months, so keep an eye out for me. This is what the ads look like:

A few more WiP screens looking back into the station

And looking over the roof, shiney glass.

Latest screenshots from Liverpool Street WiP

New versions of supporting pillars used, changed some of the texture colours. Added the glass roof panes. Had a proper go at making some dramatic lighting in UDK with light beams and added in some rough idea of platforms.

Click for bigger versions. Worth it.

A few edits

I made a few changes as I wanted to increase the grand sense of scale that I thought was lacking in the previous renditions.

I increased the span of the larger arches, I increased the height and slenderness of the pillars, so the roof is further off the ground, and I added roof 'panes' that will eventually be made from 'glass'.

Pretty Silhouette

Screenshot from editor.

Liverpool street in UDK

Maya modelling in modular form in UDK. Nothing special with the lighting yet.

The floor shadows look pretty good too.

Getting back into the modelling flow!

Liverpool Street update:Simple maya render, but with greatly increased roof girder complexity.

All modular, so there's not one 50,000 poly model that can't be altered and played with.

New year, new reguime

Right, It's been a crazy few months after graduating, now I'm settled in Twyford with some of my best mates from university. We're out of Newport and all starting on our own roads, carving our own little life out of the current financial soup of taxes and belt-tightening.

With a new year comes a renewed emphasis on the continuous production of self-directed work. To help convey what sort of stuff we have on our plate, the 4 of us in Twyford all did the Games Design course at Newport, and crave to produce more output, be it modelling, animation, designs, artwork, websites, 2d or 3d games. Our initial intent was 100% a 2d android game, having inherited a game design and assets from the liquidated Dark Rock Games. We started investigating Android SDK and worked out the basic tutorial apps. This is still in the works, but our lack of programming expertise is greatly slowing us down.

Gota take my hat of to the other 3 guys here, they have all secured Games Tester jobs at TTGame…

The End

Ive come to the end of my 3 year games design course and iv'e enjoyed every minute of it. Our graduate game 'Romley Court' has been a resounding success, the whole team getting A15's for it. On top of my A14 for my dissertation, I have graduated with a 1st.

Files of textures

As level designer, environment texturing is on my list of tasks. Along with a few uv'ed model textures, heres my texture folders:

My Kismet

The above section is the kismet for the light changeover from day to night. And brings on the emotters for the candles.

This is the rest of it^

Our Packages

We're up to build 24, with the sound in and working to a fashion, and im happy with the lighting. Heres some screens of our packages, They're the ones still called portrait, which was our older game name. I probably forgot to mention we're now Romley Court!! Screens:

Screenshots and videos from Romley Court final build