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Ship in situ


New modDB profile

and theres links to our 'Portrait' MOD profile on there too

Lightmass be good


Chandelier Model

Just a basic reflective material put on it, but this is one of the assets I've churned out so far. Expect renders of the rest soon.

More Enviro

Untextured, but about 75% of the rooms are created in basic Unreal building brush now.

Newport Medievil Boat

In Second Life:

See it at 'IDL Newport Hub' in Second Life

Testing and Troubleshooting Objects

We had some major issues importing our static meshes into unreal, whole faces would only show from one angle, but this was an age old normals issue. As best as i understand it, normals are the face information for each polygon, it helps the UV know which way round it goes when you UV unwrap. If the normal says to point in the wrong direction, inwards instead of outwards, then those faces on the static mesh won't show up properly.

Its a good thing we tested WiP models to identify this early.

Leah's daughter model in engine:

Won't be that outright creepy inthe final game.

Bay Window


Environmental Progress

Windows with distortive glass

Bay window with door surround

doors, chair, windows.

Need to take the gun out, disable some controls and reduce player speed.


Pretty much finished model of Newport medievil ship.