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1 Room

To get a better idea of how our game might look, we decided to focus on creating 1 room from scratch that had some accurate degree of lighting, textures and assets. There was quite a few problems with this, primarily the colour pallette, the purple sky outside doesn't fit the textures and Hammershoi-esque feeling we were heading for. Also, using UDK lightmass means that we don't have as much control over directing the lighting as we would like. Even though lightmass is an update technically, it doesn't fit our requirements, so we're going to turn it off. We're going to change the texture colours, and brighten it up with some more directed light.

Partially Decorated House

For a 6 week crit, we brought together assets we created and roughtly decorated our mannor house. Nothing is textured yet. That is the next step once we prove the production pipeline is watertight. Maya - roadkill uvmapping - photoshop - zbrush - unreal.