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A few edits

I made a few changes as I wanted to increase the grand sense of scale that I thought was lacking in the previous renditions. I increased the span of the larger arches, I increased the height and slenderness of the pillars, so the roof is further off the ground, and I added roof 'panes' that will eventually be made from 'glass'.

Pretty Silhouette

Silhouetted: Screenshot from editor.

Liverpool street in UDK

Maya modelling in modular form in UDK. Nothing special with the lighting yet. The floor shadows look pretty good too.

Getting back into the modelling flow!

Liverpool Street update: Simple maya render, but with greatly increased roof girder complexity. All modular, so there's not one 50,000 poly model that can't be altered and played with.

New year, new reguime

Right, It's been a crazy few months after graduating, now I'm settled in Twyford with some of my best mates from university. We're out of Newport and all starting on our own roads, carving our own little life out of the current financial soup of taxes and belt-tightening. With a new year comes a renewed emphasis on the continuous production of self-directed work. To help convey what sort of stuff we have on our plate, the 4 of us in Twyford all did the Games Design course at Newport, and crave to produce more output, be it modelling, animation, designs, artwork, websites, 2d or 3d games. Our initial intent was 100% a 2d android game, having inherited a game design and assets from the liquidated Dark Rock Games. We started investigating Android SDK and worked out the basic tutorial apps. This is still in the works, but our lack of programming expertise is greatly slowing us down. Gota take my hat of to the other 3 guys here, they have all secured Games Tester jobs at TTG