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Global Game Jam 2010

Attended my second year on the trot. After a fairly successful last year i attended late for this one, and with Kelvin Ferris managed to rustle up this little 'game'. Not really a game, the lack of objectives is because it is unfinished, but you get the feeling and appearance of what we wanted.

check out the other games from the event, and remember to vote 5 stars on mine.

Modelling for Second Life

Modelling Newport's Medievil Ship for use in Newport's Second Life island. WiP

Pre-production done

Over 170 pages of documentation handed in. A massive collection of work, and now to turn our attention to production. Eric, Pat and myself are having a beard-off for the duration of production, none of us are allowed to shave till the game is made, and the production along with beard growth is going to be documented on my new video camera.

As of monday, production commences, working 10-5 every day and treating it like a job will mean we have a constant flow of work and predictable timetable and schedule.

Game Document PDF found here:


Hammershoi Digital Painting


Digital environment painting

piano room:


For the corner in the 3 way Hammershoi room.

done in line only, after seeing leah's orthos and the lack of accuracy with my style of orthos.

Asset Galore

More Orthos: Couch and Lounge Chair

More room orthograhics

These require more thought than initially assumed.

More Room Orthos

This one took a while:

First room ortho

All my rooms are designed in rough, plan view and placement of assets, just a case of drawing out the plans, and doing the sidewards projections for the walls / layouts.

Link room with rocking chair:

Bit of painting

Painting on one of my early scanned in sketches:


Simpler chandelier:



More Assets

Dining room chair

Started producing orthographics for other assets

these have gone through many phases - drawing from reference, development sketches, designs, final orthographics. 2 so far, more to come.

Misc Chair

Grand Chandelier