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Royal Riddle Racers demo walk-through premise

Just a quick meeting this one, I presented the 'Demo Walk-through' for the demo level we will be creating. It was warmly received, and apparently made it all a lot clearer in peoples minds. It outlined the play mechanic, and general feeling of the game: Family Game Demo Level Walkthrough: Of our plan B, multi-faceted, single screen multiplayer racer / puzzler. Initially, you are faced with a faded distorted slowly panning splash screen of a crowning ceremony. This indicates the open visual style appropriate for all the family. Pressing start, large cartoon-like text will indicate the main options on the panning circuit / environment background; Single player, Multiplayer, High Scores, Help/Tutorial (or something similar). Selecting multiplayer will prompt the screen to fill with all manner of characters running on. Multicoloured pointers relating to which and how many players are connected. Are used to select their characters (we can limit the choice to 4 or 5 in the d

Under Starter's Orders

The brief is to design a family game. Not an easy brief to stamp particular artistic creativity on as it must be accessible to all ages but we shall try. Last week, we met up twice to discuss the brief and come up with some design principles we wanted to stick by. What we needed to consider within the design, and what we didn't want to do / take from / end up with. We then set about throwing loads of ideas about, mixing in what would be possible for the whole family, but also be tactically difficult, with a secondary level of 'trickyness'. We have a rough idea now - we had a great meeting Monday where we went through loads of ideas. We have settled on a racer / puzzler. Super Mario Kart-esque where you race and collect boxes, but in ours the boxes have player-specific puzzles in them. The player determines what sort of puzzle is in their colour box; be it logic, quick reactions etc.. At then end of the racing stage, you complete the puzzles you collected to get jewels / ot