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Tilt-Shift Tryout

Attempting some tilt-shift on the hotel I stayed in on holiday. ...and a bit closer enjoy

3D Animation project (maya) set to Vivaldi's Four Seasons

Playing with the toon function and motion blur in maya. Headphone design. The environment, train station, train and large glowing billboards. --- It features a CG character wearing headphones on a train. Music starts (we went with Vivaldi's summer), the CG world around her dissolves and she falls into this music transient state where she is a Plasticine stop-motion character. Running, action, and movement are timed with the crescendos as she struggles to outrun buildings closing in on her. They finally meet at the climax and drag her back to the pseudo-real CG world. The Video:

2008/09 Moving Image project

Concept: Music can transport you to a completely different place, and offer intense experiences. Our character moves from the grey mundane to the vibrancy of heightened emotion and back. In collaboration with Brendan (BHD). 3D modelling, animation, rendering. Stop motion plasticine animation. Location filming. Finally; editing, slicing, dicing and colour keying in After Effects. Limitations - quality of captured stop-mo stills, and learning the software. Overall debrief - interesting concept, difficulty implementing the vision with a wide range of techniques required.